Harsimranjit SinghShiqiang Zhuang, Benjamin Ingis, Bharath Babu Nunna, Eon Soo Lee*

Carbon, Volume 151, October 2019, Pages 160-174. 



This review focuses on the historic and recent progress of the stability of the carbon-based non-platinum-group metal (PGM) and metal-free catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). It highlights the reported degradation mechanisms which are responsible for the instability issue. These mechanisms are (a) oxidative attack of the ORR intermediates, (b) demetalation of the metal-active site, (c) protonation followed by anionic adsorption, and (d) micropore flooding. For the

Thermal Stability and Potential Cycling Durability of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Modified by Metal-Organic Framework for Oxygen Reduction Reactions

Harsimranjit Singh, Shiqiang Zhuang , Bharath Babu Nunna and Eon Soo Lee *

Catalysts 20188(12), 607; https://doi.org/10.3390/catal8120607


Sensitivity Study of Cancer Antigens (CA-125) Detection Using Interdigitated Electrodes Under Microfluidic Flow Condition

Bharath Babu Nunna1 & Debdyuti Mandal1 & Joo Un Lee2 & Shiqiang Zhuang1 & Eon Soo Lee1*

BioNanoScience 9, 203–214 (2019)


# Springer Science, part of Springer Nature 2019


 Bharath Babu Nunna1, Debdyuti Mandal1, Joo Un Lee2, Harsimranjit Singh1, Shiqiang Zhuang1, Durgamadhab Misra3, Md Nasir Uddin Bhuyian3 and Eon Soo Lee1*

Nano Convergence 6, 3 (2019)



Integrating microfluidics with biosensors is of great research interest with the increasing trend of lab-on-the chip and

point-of-care devices. Though there have been numerous studies performed relating microfluidics to the biosensing

mechanisms, the study of the sensitivity variation due to microfluidic flow is very much limited. In this paper, the sensitivity...