Industrial trends are presenting major challenges and opportunities for research on two-phase flows in microchannels. Semiconductor companies are developing 3D circuits for which multilevel microfluidic cooling is important. Gas delivery microchannels are promising for PEM fuel cells in portable electronics. However, data and modeling are needed for flow regime stability, liquid entrainment/clogging, and bubble inception/departure in complex 2D and 3D geometries. This paper provides an overview of the Stanford two-phase ...
Carlos H Hidrovo, Theresa A Kramer, Evelyn N Wang, Sébastien Vigneron, Julie E Steinbrenner, Jae-Mo Koo, Fu-Min Wang, David W Fogg, Roger D Flynn, Eon Soo Lee, Ching-Hsiang Cheng, Thomas W Kenny, John K Eaton, Kenneth E Goodson
Publication date : 2006/5/1
Journal : Heat transfer engineering

Heat Transfer Engineering, 27(4):53–63, 2006