Metal-organic framework-modified nitrogen-doped graphene oxygen reduction reaction catalyst synthesized by nanoscale high-energy wet ball-milling structural and electrochemical characterization

Nitrogen-doped graphene(N-G) is a promising non-platinum group metal catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction. A new N-G/MOF catalyst is derived by the modification of metal organic framework on N-G catalysts to enhance the electrochemical performance of N-G by increasing the surface area and porosity in this paper.

The characterization confirmed that the BET surface areas of N-G/MOF catalysts are 13-66 times larger than the original N-G catalyst. And the highest current density(5.02 mA/cm2) and electron transfer number (3.93) of N-G/MOFs are higher than the N-G catalyst. The current density of N-G/MOF catalyst is even higher than 10 wt% Pt/C catalyst.