The lab is currently looking for highly qualified researchers for nano biochip research and nano graphene-based catalyst research. Anyone who is interested in the positions and can be available soon, please send an email to the PI (Prof Lee) with a full CV and any other supporting materials if applicable. 

- Undergraduate student (preferred in Sophomore or Junior year)- CV with transcripts (BS up to date), any publications or reports, etc if available.

- MS student (preferred in first-year student) - CV with transcripts (BS and MS up to date), any publications or papers, GRE scores, etc if available

- new PHD students- full CV with any publications or papers, transcripts (BS and MS), GRE scores, TOEFL scores, etc

- PostDoc Researcher or Visiting Scientist- full CV with publications or papers.


Area of research topic: 

1. Nano biochip research: The position will do the research with the following activities.

- microfluidic channel fabrication and complex flow characterization including biomimicking fluid and blood flow, with specific biomarkers. 

- self-separation micro- and nano-structures fabrication and their flow characterization

- nanocircuit fabrication and integration on microfluidic biochip sensor for biomarker detections. 

- biomarker characterization: flow dynamics and electrochemical characterization. 


2. Nano graphene-based electrochemical catalysts.

- electrochemical catalyst study for various applications including fuel cells, batteries, sensors, etc.

- non-PGM catalysts: synthesis and characterization (physical, chemical, electrochemical)

- graphene-based catalysts: synthesis and characterization (physical, chemical, electrochemical)


More information can be found on PROJECTS or PUBLICATIONS section. 

Contact; Dr. Eon Soo Lee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Principal Investigator, Advanced Energy Systems and Microdevices Laboratory

Associate Professor with Tenure, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Office: Mechanical Engineering- MEC 327

Phone: 973-596-3318