Platinum group metal-based (PGM) catalysts are widely applied in many electrochemical systems, such as PEM fuel cells or metal-air batteries, because of their excellent catalytic performance. However, due to the high raw material cost of PGM catalyst, there have been strong needs to reduce the material cost of electrochemical systems by developing non-platinum group metal (non-PGM) catalysts to replace PGM catalysts. In recent years nitrogen doped-graphene (N-G) has become one of the promising non-PGM catalysts.

This work presents a new set of N-G catalyst synthesized with graphene oxide and melamine as raw materials by the method of high-energy wet ball milling which is recently developed for N-G synthesis by this work. The elemental composition, chemical bonding composition and electron transfer number of final products are characterized. The test results show that the electron transfer number of N-G catalyst with 23.2% nitrogen doping content has reached to 3.87, which is comparable to Pt/C catalysts. The nitrogen doping content of N-G catalyst was increased with the duration of the grinding time increased. In conclusion, the new synthesized N-G catalyst shows promising potentials for catalyst materials and the high-energy wet ball milling could be a promising method to synthesize high performance N-G catalysts.

Zhuang, B.B. Nunna, L. Lei, E.S. Lee: Synthesis of Nitrogen-doped Graphene Catalyst by Wet Ball Milling for Electrochemical Systems. (Paper ID: 2425505), 251st ACS National Meeting & Exposition, March 13-17, 2016, San Diego, California.